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Artist: Wheel Stealers
Song Title: Right Or Wrong
Genre: Folk
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I woke up, remembered everything I said to you last night,
But this time I sure won't worry about what I might have done,
'Cause I was out to please myself, right or wrong.

You came in, looking like a long-lost sheep, said I'd been using you.
You got what you wanted, and that's all right,
But you were out to please yourself, right or wrong.
Yeah, you were out to please yourself, right or wrong.

Don't hang your head down, there ain't no shame
In what we've both been through.
Although I'd like to help you out,
You know I've got to save myself, right or wrong.
You know I've got to save myself, right or wrong.

When you go back, you know you're gonna have to look your best,
You're gonna have to turn on the magic, make believe it's real.
You're gonna have to save yourself, right or wrong.
Yeah, we were out to please ourselves, right or wrong.
Yeah, we were out to please ourselves.

Yeah, please yourself, please yourself.
Right or wrong, yeah, please yourself.

Drums and Percussion: Andy Steele
Bass: Dave Wintour
Sax: Chris Mercer
Harp: Chris Neill
Guitar: Bernie Holland, Hugh Burns

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