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Artist: Whigfield
Whigfield Author
Album: Whigfield II (1997)
Whigfield - Whigfield II Album
Song Title: Tenderly
Genre: Pop
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Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...ooh yeah
I've got something to remember
I can't let it slip away
In my eyes, in my mind
Oh this moment's got to stay

Will you still be here tomorrow
I've been wanting this for so long

So tenderly, you came to me, and loved me from the start
Oh tenderly, you made me see, the places on your heart
You turned around, when I was down, and let your feelings grow
And tenderly, if you're with me, I'll never be alone yeah

Oh baby, oh-oh-oh yeah

And the quallities inside you, will you let 'em shine on me
I feel a smile, deep inside
Let it last eternity

Will you still be here tomorrow
I've been wanting this for so long

S-t-a-y w-i-t-h m-e, t-e-n-d-e-r-l-y
L-o-v-e m-e f-r-o-m t-h-e s-t-a-r-t

Will you still be here tomorrow....
I've been w-a-n-t-i-n-g t-h-i-s f-o-r s-s-o-o-o l-l-o-o-o-n-n-g-g

So tenderly
Oh tenderly - (so tenderly)
You turned around
I was down
So tenderly
Oh tenderly - (oh-oh no)
You turned around
(never, no never be alone)
I was down
So tenderly
Oh tenderly - (no no no tenderly)
You turned around
I was down - (loved me from the start).....

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