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Artist: While Eagles Dare
Song Title: Despite The Casualties
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Sometimes I feel so helpless
Like nothing matters
Like everything I've said or done
Or written down in countless notebooks means next to nothing
Trying to escape four brick walls
Miles high with nothing
Nothing but my words
There is no door
No window to open up, let fresh air in
Nothing but stagnation
And this overwhelming urge
That somethings got to break or burn or give way
And this is where I'm stuck
I could write volumes about this
And never once convey the way it feels
Like looking through a wheelchair
Into the eyes of a soldier
That never wanted to leave home
I can't begin to know the way he feels
I can't fathom the frustration in his bones
That can't support his own weight
He gave it all
Could you say the same could I (could you)
But it doesn't for one second mean that I'm gonna lie here
By these set in stone misconceptions
I'll start digging or clawing
At the bricks and mortar
Because I know
One day the bricks will shift
And the mortar will crumble
Nothing in this world lasts forever

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