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Artist: White Bryan
Song Title: On Any Givin Night
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I'd be foolin' myself thinkin' I've got it made
i just can't assume true love won't fade
I'll keep on listenin' to her Say I'm glad that i found her
Keep on showin' her how my world turns around her

On any given night
She could walk away
She won't be mine for the takin'
And thats the price that i'd pay
'Cause love's everchangin'
And in the blink of an eye
Teardrops could fall
And i could lose it all
On any given night

She's the sensitive kind She needs a connection
And i cannot be so blind to lose my direction
I'll keep on walkin' that mile Show her how far i'll go
Keep on letting her hear all she needs to know


Teardrops could fall
And i could lose it all
On any given night

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