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Artist: White Karyn
Song Title: Can I Stay With You
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Never felt so good before
Never dreamed I would explore
Making love in the positions
That youve got me doing
Never thought Id beg for more
Never thought Id find a man
Who could do it again and agian
And then even do it like once again
Ive never trembled in my life
Ive heard about it once or twice
But now Im shaking
And I swear this shaking feels so nice
And I dont know what Im goin to do
cause I dont wanna be away from you
You shouldna felt so good
Lord knows Ive never felt this good
Its wonderful
Well theres only one thing I need to know

Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of the night
Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of my life
Can I stay with you, babe
Through the end of all time
Oh, baby, please
Let me stay through the night

Ive never been so weak before
Never met a man so sure
Sure of how and when and where to touch
And just how much
Ive never been to ecstacy
But now Im feelin it, feelin it
Over and over and over
And over and over and over and over
Whatever I can do for your love
You just ask, consider it done
And Ill do anything
Whatever you want, whenever you need it
And I just want to give it all to you
More than you could ever expect me to
I swear whatever you do
Ill do it three times back to you
Im good to go
Well theres only one thing I need to know


One night of love
It turned me around, it turned me
One night of love
And Ill never be the same, Ill never ever be the same
One night of love
And Im deep in love
Blew my heart away

Hook 3 times

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