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Artist: White Skull
White Skull Author
Album: Embittered (1997)
White Skull - Embittered Album
Song Title: Its My Life
Genre: Metal
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I've never waited or wanted
someone to call on me
so many men to know
but noone to stay with
I love my wild life
and all that it means
I'm gathering the flowers
even if it's not spring
Don't fuck with me guy
I know the playbill
Don't fuck with me guy
I won't turn back on ya'
Me and my motorbike
my wings my fantasy
I got it all now
let's keep on ridin' on
I feel a strange sensaction
when I'm by myself
freedom and powerness
are running in to my veins
Don't fuck ...
It's my life
I've never waited or wanted
someone to call on me
so many men to know
but noone to stay with
You were the reason
I open my eyes
but freedom it's the reason now
I can still survive
Don't fuck ...
I won't turn back on ya'

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