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Artist: Whosoever
Song Title: Hey Ya Babe
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Trees on the hills, the sun in the sky
The wind at the back is turning my head
Coins in the pool, the check's in the mail
I'd laugh if I could, but I'm already dead
The Word's on my lips but my joke is too old
I hear a deafening roar from under my bed
I lost that feeling in my room
In that mess, in that mess
You should clean that knife off when
you're through
And wipe that blood off of your dress
Lights in the dark, lights in my mind
The funny thing is I'm enjoying the pain
The fault of the world, the fault of my own
The fault of the one who started this game
Not funny to live, not funny to die
Not funny to have this horrible stain
I lost that feeling in my room
In that mess, in that mess
You should clean that knife off when
you're through
And wipe that blood off of your dress
Never thought I'd love
Never thought I'd die
Never thought because of you I'd ever cry
Never thought I'd live
Never thought I'd try
Never thought I'd see myself
In a graying blue and white sky

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