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Artist: Whyteshadows
Song Title: Cant Get Over You
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since u left me mah soul
is so empty n lost n tears jus wont stop
evytime i hear our song playin on da radio
makes me miss u so
i dont wanna sing another melody
i dont wanna hear another love song
all i want is for u to be with me
but baby its jus a fantasy


baby tel me wah to do
i cant get over u
ive tried evtything i cud to forget u
where am i to goh frm here
tel me do u stil care
its breakin mah heart in two
bein widout u

evryday ur all i see
tel me y it cant be
jus u and me
dun u noe how hard i try
getin u out of mah mind
knowing u were mine

and i try to act as tho
im all da rest
every1 tells me it shows rite thru
i have never loved some1 like i loved u
cant u see ur da onl1 for me


bein widout u

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