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Artist: Wilco
Wilco Author
Album: Kicking Television: Live In Chicago (CD 2) (2005)
Wilco - Kicking Television: Live In Chicago (CD 2) Album
Song Title: One by One
Genre: Alternative
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One by one the teardrops fall as I write you

One by one my words come falling on the page

One by one my dreams are fading in the twilight

One by one my schemes are fading fast away

One by one the flowers fading in my garden

One by one the leaves are falling from the trees

One by one my hopes are vanished in the clouds clear

One by one like snowflakes melting in the breeze

One by one my hair is turning gray

One by one my dreams are fading fast away

One by one I read your letters over

One by one I lay them all away

One by one the days are slipping up behind you

One by one the sweetest days of life go by

One by one the moments stealing out behind you

One by one she'll come and find not you or I

One by one I hear the soft words that you whispered

One by one I feel your kisses soft and sweet

One by one I hope you'll say the words to marry

One by one to one by one forever be

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