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Artist: W-inds
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Song Title: Ex-Girlfriend
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Toki o modoshita sono koe
Totsuzen no Phone amai Tone
Sore kara bokura nando mo
"Meeru shiai waratte atte"
Kimi no ima no kareshi mo shoukai sarete
Shiawase soude
(Kimi o "yoroshiku!" nanteitte)

But I know... kimi to au
Sono wake wa... urahara

Kimi niwa tada no boku wa Ex-Boyfriend
Demo boku dake ga mada owarenai
Kakusu kokoro 'Til the end
Moshimo kimi ga naita nara ima demo

Akasareta wakare no wake
Suisoku to chigau tsuioku
Kirei ni warau kimi wa mou
(Marude shiranai dareka)
Kawaru koto to kawaranai koto docchi ga
Tsuyoi no darou
(Hiteta jikan no kanata de)

Just I know... ima wa mou
Kawasenai... yakusoku

Kore kara zutto kimi wa Ex-Girlfriend
Nanige ni fureta te ga setsu nakute
Soba ni itai Like a friend
Zurui keredo sore ga boku ni dekiru
Tatta hitotsu

Kore kara zutto kimi wa Ex-Girlfriend
Tomodachi janai... koibito janai
Soba ni iru yo 'Til the end
Omoi itsuka natsukashisa ni kawaru
Sono toki made

Kimi niwa tada no boku wa Ex-Boyfriend
Demo boku dake ga... mada owarenai
Kakusu kokoro 'Til the end
Moshimo kimi ga naita nara ima demo

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