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Artist: W-inds
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Song Title: Love train
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Ano hoomu kara kimi no sumu machi made
Reeru wa zutto tsuzuku
Dakedo hitonami kaki waketa tobi noru
Itsumo no kanjou rosen

No no...
Kimi ni... "Aitai" to ienaku shita
Boku wa... mada yume no tochuu

Kyori to toki o koete
(Itsumo no hi ka kitto)
Kanarazu kimi o mukae ni yuku
Kawaranai kimi eno
(Kimochi dake nosete)
Love train, Love train
Pull out!

Kakueki teisha no shuuden no annai
Yume eno michi noni mo sou Oh yeah
Mainichi kureru kimi no meeru yomeba
Nijimu gyoukan ga mieru

No no no...
Kimi ni... "Mattete" nante ienai
Boku wa... kokoro de I want you

Makesou na yoru niwa
(Subete nage dashite)
Kimi no moto e kaeri takunaru yo
Dakedo kara no hoomu de
(Itsumo hiki kaesu)
Love Trian, Love Train
I see off

Ima kimi no machi ni furu ame wa
Mou suru koko made kuru
Bring your pain, Bring your pain

I Feel...
(We follow different dreams)
Chigau yume o tooi basho de
(We believe the same feeling)
Futari mite itemo
(We are always together...)
Onaji toki ikiteiru
Stop the rain, Stop the rain
Like tears...

Kyori to toki o koete
(Itsumo no hi ka kitto)
Kanarazu kimi o mukae ni yuku
Kawaranai kimi eno
(Kimochi dake nosete)
Love train, Love train
Pull out!

(Kawaranai boku no)
(Kimochi dake nosete)
Love train, Love train
Pull out!

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