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Artist: X-raided
X-raided Author
Album: X-Files Vol. 2 - Unforgiven Wit A Vengeance (CD 2) (2004)
X-raided - X-Files Vol. 2 - Unforgiven Wit A Vengeance (CD 2) Album
Song Title: Write What I See
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First Verse:

I gather myself and try to write nicely, but I ain't feelin' that way

I'd rather write raps that incite fights, riots, and melees

And they say, "All X-Raided rhyme about is peelin' caps

Prison crap, fuckin' bitches, gettin' high, and killin' cats"

But I'm insistin' that I'm spittin' facts

And y'all niggas is spittin' lies to feel alive

While I'm livin' in prison

Couldn't feel that I'm committin' convictions

What the Hell am I supposed to write?

How could I compose nice?

When I'm sittin' in this cell at night like

And steadily socializin' with

Every soldier, sodomist, murderer, rapist

Burgler, racist,

And drug dealers and thug niggas caught up with three strike cases

Man I'm faced with bein' in a cage with niggas that love hatred

That embraced it, and can taste it

And ain't, feelin' no disgrace

Would be willin' to pull your heart out and replace it with a cold one

More should, show love, for the young ones to the old ones

And where they come from is irrelavent

But they're gettin' here so face it

Gotta come up in, if you think you wouldn't be up in, chill

Revelation, I ain't got no patience for this fakin'

Hate me and then you can reflect reports straight crip

Blue and gray bitch

Y'all niggas sport pink and turquoise

I'm laced with gunpowder from up out of a .44 caliber ???

Say sin, see my face sin

Sick to see cuts and disgrace men

To replace men, but they gotta...


Agree with me

I just write what I see

Might not believe in me

I just write what I see

I might not like what I see

But whether it's wrong or right

It ain't a song, it's my life

I just write what I see


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