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Artist: Xray Spex
Song Title: Junk Food Junkie
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Johnny's got an addiction
He's strung out without conviction
He was raised with a microwave
Sticky trashy fast food slave

He's a junk food junky
He could be a lot more spunky hunky
But he's a junk food junky
Blame it on the food yeah, you know it's bad

Mother doesn't really know
Shopping in a glossy show
Then again her budget's low
Her health so bad it makes her slow
She's a junk food junky
She's stressed and very jumpy
She's a junk food junky
Blame it on the food yeah, we know its bad
Blame it on the food yeah, we know it's bad
Jenny's in a fix
With her arithmetics
Poor concentration
Boys in the classroom cause agitation

She's a junk food junky
She could be a lot more fun

But she's a junk food junky
Blame it on the food yeah
Blame it on the food yeah
Blame it on the food yeah
You know it's bad
You know it's bad
B a d ! !

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