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Artist: Xspace
Song Title: Left Of Me
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by Benjamin Ackerman
So now here we stand, so much farther than I ever thought we'd get to
Did I scare you?
So now here I stand with my heart in my hand,
Wondering how we got here
Hey! all I ever wanted is gone,
All I ever said to you is gone,
All I ever gave to you is gone,
Just look around and you will see there is so much more left to me
So now here we stand, looking back on all we said,
Words are like the needles- stabbed by the volumes I've read
So now look at my heart, bruised and battered, twisted and lame,
But you would say that I had it all my way
So now here we stand so much farther apart than I ever thought we'd get
I see myself, I wish I could call my name and save myself from that

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