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Artist: Xzibit
Xzibit Author
Album: Weapons Of Mass Destruction (2004)
Xzibit - Weapons Of Mass Destruction Album
Song Title: Klack
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Yeah.. huh.. it's been a long time

It seem' like the whole world is waiting on the West Coast

We missed you... welcome back... Let's go!

Uhh, yeah that, New West


C'mon, uhh (uhuh)


Here we go; Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang

Uhh, yeah that


Klack klack - klack klack klack klack klack klack, uhh c'mon

Yeah, uhh

(Yeah! Yeah!)

Strong Arm Steady we ready it's time to ball out

When vocal chords spit cold shit they never thaw out

Industry tried to pigeonhole, I had to crawl out

Hear my name bein' called out, nuclear fallout

Full body armor with bangers, we goin' all out

Garbage bags in trunk of the car, it won't stall out

Hit you where you stay, hogtied, you gettin hauled out

Crush the whole car, it's well planned and thought out

Try to attain fame from beef, you went the wrong route

Scrape a .38 on your teeth, I knock 'em all out

I know you ain't fuckin with me dawg (c'mon now!)

Underestimate, run up on, it's on now

Have your niggaz plottin' revenge and puttin songs out

Demise by design, blueprints is drawn out

Flood crack back in the hood, it's been a long drought

Show you what this gangsta-killa Cali is all about

[Chorus 2X]

Klack, for the niggaz that bangin' it in the city and

Klack, for the enemies creepin' to come and get me (Klack klack klack klack klack)

Be thankful, if you get away alive

You wouldn't kill or won't let nothin' die, so keep it movin'

Yo! You don't like how I'm livin'? Well fuck you!

Nostradamus style, make every line come through

Don't make me spit, predict your last action

Last man standing (yeah), last man laughin' (yeah)

Assassin, crosshairs, smile for the birdie (click!)

Hit you long range, high-powered 30-30 shit

If you never heard of a heavy assault rifle

Hit targets a mile away from the top of the Eiffel (woo!)

Knock the soul out of your body

Stay plottin' like Bin Laden to swoop down and crash your party

All bark no bite (shiiit!) we don't bark nigga

We bite to the white then shake 'till the afterlife

Hard work and sacrifice, who's your daddy?

Make you wanna drop e'rything and move to Cali

We classic, go 'head, speak my name

And I'ma lay your ass down like the All Star Game, c'mon!

[Chorus 2X]

Sawed-off shotgun, shoot through your shoulderblade

Bitch-made niggaz get hit with a hand grenade

Blow up your Escalade, then I hit the road

And I'm back in the hood lookin' for somethin' to smoke

Everytime, I use the element of surprise

With a gun that's big enough to make an elephant hide

I elevate my rhythm by hustlin' crack addicts

Get locked but when I'm released I'm back at it

See Mitch know the time, in front of me the birdie and

Phil got the costumers comin' to get it early we

Came a long way from po-lice chasin' us

For dope in our sucks and angel dust

Yeah klack for the strippers in clubs shakin' their titties

This, mac'll have you bitch-niggaz runnin' like P. Diddy

I'll bang you, comin' out the side of your mouth

We the reason why you stay in the house, dizzle, gang

Uh-huh, yeah that, recognize nigga

Uhh, klack klack klack klack klack

(Uhh) Steady Gang is now here

The West ain't here to win, we're nowhere anyway nigga

Uhh, get aboard bitch

Uhh, get aboard, klack back here, klack klack klack klack klack

Uh-huh, hear that recognize,

The Golden State, for those that hate

Uh-huh, yeah, nigga we bringin' it to the streets

We ain't going nowhere

Niggas been buyin' till, jewelry, cars

The whole mothafuckin' run, nigga

Don't matter nigga

The West ain't going nowhere

But now we on TV, Steady Gang!

(nigga) Klack klack klack klack klack

We make music and klack for those nigga is in the street that's keepin' it real

Yeah that, yeah that, uh-hoh

Klack klack, uhh, klack klack klack klack klack

Say what (uhh), uhh, right before the West is the

Steady Gang, Steady Gang, Steady Gang

Uhh, uhh nigga, get your boards up, get your gangsta up...

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