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Artist: Xzibit
Xzibit Author
Album: 40 Dayz and 40 Nigthz (1998)
Xzibit - 40 Dayz and 40 Nigthz Album
Song Title: Recycled Assassins
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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There's no escape from the ones who harassin'
The reason for the illin' is the reason for askin'
Now I try to school 'em on the killin' and blastin'
But season after season they recycle assassins now

He's too advanced for his own good
He didn't get a second chance to see the glock pointed at his hood
Makin' his way through the rain he's caught in the game
He felt the pain of a slug to the back of the brain
Nothin's changed in a city flask
Where niggas lurk in black shirts pants and low hats, forever
Until the job is done and no one's left
My man Jeff told me with his very last breath
To watch moms
But they got her with the car bomb
Pop tried to save her second blast got his arm
Niggas play for keeps like casino
Baby's has got fathers just got back from doin' Chino
With nothin' to lose loose screws in the attic
The only skill a nigga knows is how to strip an automatic
And stash the barrel stab a nigga something terrible
Death resume 20 kill in incredible time
No guilt and shame
On the mind stuck a nigga for lookin' didn't know he was blind
So I find
Mankind is a serious threat
To another others kind when there's something to get
In a vet gonna fast jet to the spot to see what they got
Nobody saw shit cause it's not
Cool to brake the rule of the code of the streets
Niggas frightened by the visions of the blood on the sheets
And it's deep how blood drys as a mother crys
Open eyes gettin' landed on by flys
There's no disgues for the ones who harassin'
The reason for the illin' is the reason for askin' now


I came from a family of one girl and three boys
Fuck playin' with toys our fun was on the block
Watchin' all the cats negotate the neighborhood stock
My job was to come runnin' whenever cops was comin'
My older brother I figure was the ring leader
Whenever these cats move they all bring heaters
All black and nickel plated (c'mon)
Soon became fasinated bitches cars and kicks
And look at how fast they made it
My younger brother gave less than a fuck he was content
With G.I. Joe and Tonka trucks
But I want butts, livin' first class delux
15 years old soldier ready to serve these clucks
My older brother was touched
It's a game where you don't play gotta have cane
Crack house for my birthday
The next day my brother shot in cold blood by the police
In a rage he lived but he payed the price
Caught with keys 25 to life
Takin' in by the crew time to standed on my own two (c'mon nigga)
But as I marinated thinkin' about the hood
I really can't remember my body doin' good
For long big decisions somebody got to make 'em
Undercover recognize the face now can't shake a
Phone tap (what) and now I'm in the belly of the beast
Use to sittin' in leather sheets now I'm sittin' awaitin' release
Visitors day, my younger brother came down
Put the toys down excited about the first round
He bust I was crushed to finally see
The solution to the problem could of started with me
It's on now


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