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Artist: Yearwood Trisha
Yearwood Trisha Author
Album: Trisha Yearwood (1991)
Yearwood Trisha - Trisha Yearwood Album
Song Title: Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
Genre: Country
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Don't be afraid to hold me tight
You know I won't break in two
What we're doin' here tonight
Sure beats what we're goin' through

We've both loved and lost before
You know the sadness it can bring
Tonight let's close the door
And hold on to the nearest thing

Let's keep hangin' on
So we won't fall apart
Let's make love tonight
Like we never had a broken heart

Don't be afraid to close your eyes
Pretend I'm someone that you love
And I won't have to tell you like
'Cause it's not you I'm thinkin' of

Repeat Chorus

Tonight we'll just pretend
We've been in love right from the start
Let's make love again
Like we never had a broken heart
Let's make love again
Like we never had a broken heart
Don't be afraid to close your eyes

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