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Artist: Yellow 5
Song Title: I Want To
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When youre down and need a friend

Baby, i'm with you until the end

Cause deep down, you're always been the one

I cant pretend things are ok

It just feels so right

When youre in my arms

When i kiss your soft lips

All the pain just goes away

When you told me you loved me

Oh please God help me now

I need her to need me

I know its right in the end

Can you do that for me

Shes the one for me

I just dont know how to prove to her

That i love her and we belong

In eachothers arms dancing

To the song that will

Forever be the song

That reminds me of such a beautiful girl

Baby, youre my perfect angel

You bring light to my day

I wanna hold you forever if thats ok

I wanna dance with you when the sun

Goes down until the sun comes up

Ive always had a special place for you

In my heart, but now

You are my special place, in your arms

I wanna be the one

That makes you laugh

I wanna be the one

You dream about at night

I wanna be the one

you come to when you cry

I'll be your savior, no lie

Just give me one chance

To prove that you and i

Where made for eachother

My head hurts, it thinks

About you to much

My heart hurts it loves

For you to much

I just wish you felt the same

You are always there for me

And i always want to be there for you

And hope you love me too

You mean everything to me

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