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Artist: Yellow 5
Song Title: No Expectations
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We have to follow your rules

Just because you think youre important

But ya'll just a bunch of pathetic fools

Hope you burn in hell with your

Low down intolerable ingnorance

Cause youre ain't nothing but a headache

Look at me and think im fake

Without your bitch life's a piece of cake

How can you live knowing youve lied

I can't, i did, and inside ive died

You can't be high on dedication

When you have no motovation

Life's cruel, life sucks

It's even harder when ya

Cant feel, cant see

Yet right now im not through

Cause in the end im not you

But still im something worse

I follow my own ways

I live my life like i want to live it

Not like someone else wants me to live it

You beg for their forgiveness

When they should be begging for yours

I dont owe you anything

You owe me everything

You've taken time in my life

Now you have the nerve to judge me

Think you know how i feel inside

And call it your own, youre the victum

Youre nothing but the shit this world

Doesnt need and never will

So why dont you do all us a favor

And jump, you'll see who'll be your savior

Not me, you've lost your chance

You can't be high on dedication

When you have no motovation

Life's cruel, life sucks

It's even harder when ya

Cant feel, cant see

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