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Artist: Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono Author
Song Title: Men, Men, Men
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A one, two, three.


Gods little gift, cream and pie.

Men, men, men, umm, uum,

Men, men, men, umm, uum,

Men, men, milk and honey,

Gods little gift for woman.

I want you clever but not too clever,

I want you bad but not too bad.

I want you strong but not too strong,

I want you to try your rightful position.

Oh, too, too much, I mean, its so good.

Men, men, snails and puppies,

Your muscles are not for fighting in war.

Your lips are not for voicing opinions,

Your eyes are there for us to look into.

I want you to take your rightful position.

Oh, too, too much, I mean, its so good.

Men, men, grapes and nuts,

Your pants are never tight enough,

Your boots are never long enough.

Your skin is never young enough,

I want you to hold your rightful position.

Pardon me, honeycum, your hair pieces slipping.

Men, men, apples and figs,

I like you to be faithful but not very fussy,

I like you to be behind me but not just beside me.

I like you to shut up but know when to say yes,

I want you to learn your frightful position.

Pardon me, starstud, your cod pieces showing.

Now you know what you have to do-oh,

Now you know whats expected of you-hoo-hoo-hoo.

So come, come, come, come,

Come up and hum hum,

Come up and hum hum,

Come up and see me sometime,

Come up and see me sometime.

-"ladies and gents, Id like to introduce you to my lower half, without whom I wont be breathing so heavily.

Honey juice, you can come out of the box now..."

-"yes, dear."

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