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Artist: Yvonne
Song Title: Broken Parts
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I live tonight, a mattress on the floor
Frustrated by my senses, I've reached a point which I can't ignore
Despite my fears she moves within my arms
I've never felt her near me, I whisper words to keep me calm

We are silent, we play our parts
We need the violence, but hold eachother gently as we dance

Panic found me after all
Blood runs even faster, I?m holding on to what I?ve been told
"Just take my fears and colour them as you please"
I whisper to her softly, I think she laughs when as she looks at me

We are silent we play our parts
We need the violence, but hold eachother gently as we dance

I sleep tonight, a mattress on the floor
I?m waking up beside her, the pain is here as it was before

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