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Artist: Zelmani Sophie
Zelmani Sophie Author
Song Title: A Thousand Times
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I woke up so sad one morning
And there were reasons for that bad morning
Something told me
You're not ready for this change

I got up and stepped into the shower,
and I thought,
It will be gone, about an hour or so
But something told me, this feeling comes from deep inside

And suddenly ran teardrops
Just like the water
And I lost, I lost the fitght
And it felt like someone, had died away from me
And myself died a thousand times

Have I lost my sense and strength
Are my eyes just full of you
Why come the pictures, reminding me of love

And suddenly ran teardrops
Just like the water
And I lost, I lost the fitght
And it felt like someone, had died away from me
And myself died a thousand times

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