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Artist: Zelmani Sophie
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Song Title: You And Him
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You were in the city, one night all alone,
Just waiting for a taxe that could take you home,
You saw a man walking down the street,
Towards you,
And you could see he had no teeth in his upper jaw

He had dirt in his hair, he had dirt everywhere,
His clothes didn't fit and one eye was hit,
He asked you if you had a minute to talk,
You said you didn't talk to strangers and you started to walk

His eyes looked sad and he asked you why,
You acted like this,
Was it because he looked so bad,
I know I scare you, but I just wanted to say,
That you're the most beautiful I've seen today

You said, thank you very much,
But please now leave me alone,
He said where are you going,
You said I'm going home,
Oh please would you invite me to your house sometime,
You have just seen mine, it's here on the ground

He took a bottle from his jacket and he said cheers,
And you felt it was gone, that feeling of fear,
You said, what happened to you, how could you end up like this,
You must have had your choices, so tell me what this is

He said, you don't know a thing about me,
All you know is only what you see,
Even if I've lost the most of my brain,
I still can see the sun and I can feel when it rains

I tried to be friendly, I tried to be nice,
But you turned me your back and you were as chilly as ice,
I didn't ask you for money, I asked you for words,
It's not my life that bothers, it's the way you act that hurts

You said you were sorry, but how could you know,
What someone like him, suddenly could do,
But then you talked until the taxi arrived,
You said you had to go, you said goodbye

There's only one thing, I wanna tell you before you go,
I know you wanna get home, I know you do,
I just wanted to tell you, I just wanted to say,
That I'll remember your smile this day

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