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Artist: Zero
Song Title: Tribute
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This one's to my fans and friends,
who stuck from the beginning,
much love,
and I show it through the pad and the pen

It's your boy Zero
getting at you in on this one
I'm putting out casts to give congrats t

By the way
I recive all the fan and e mail
through hard times
these are some of the things that keep me well

As far as
Autographs I dish 'em out from dusk till dawn
even past aches
and cramps in my palm

I do it for you
out of the love
It's nothing to me
you got it (uh-huh)
Same old Z
what I am
I'm not spotted on the tube of Bill Cosby
Cuz what I said what the darndest
Now I'm older doingmovies, videos ,and albums
Love is love, from your boy, your friend, Khleo Thomas


This one's to my fans
much love
no thought
It's all between you and I

This one's to my fans
A few words is what it's worth
and it's all scripted in the verse.

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