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Artist: Zita Swoon
Song Title: Bombo
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Choosin' my way
I been a bad motherfucker today
But that's all over momma
Like I'm all over you
All over momma
Won't you see my tattoo
See my tattoo

I been waitin'
About my...

Nobody told me
Nobody showed me
Nobody tell me
Where this is comin' from
But here's my:
Sycamore momma
Sybarite girl
She told me the story
Now won't you send me your world
Cause I'm bluesin' away

You put your spell on me momma
Your smell on me girl
I lose and I linger
I shiver and I howl
On the thought of you momma
And the heart of you girl
You told me the story
Won't you send me you world

I'll call you
You're where I'll lay my head
You're where I'll go
You're where I'll
Live through the part that is due to
The middlewave
You're where I'm
Choosin' to stay

No one reminds me
Nobody cares
Nobody's been there
No one out there
But she says
Sycamore cowboy
Sybarite stud
Go give 'em the lowdown
They're crawin' in the mud

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